Let’s get straight to the point, your content determines how users view you and your brand.

Whether you are a new business that’s trying to get to grips with content and marketing or an established or growing businesses that has decided to revisit how they do things, a great content strategy is essential.

In this post we’re going to start looking at how you can build a great content strategy.

When you start to build your strategy the first thing to think about is who your target user or audience is. If you’re just starting out you’ve probably done a lot of research into your potential customers, if you’re further into your business journey it might be time to revisit this idea, no bad thing for any business!

One way of doing this, is to get jotting things down, doodling and throwing all your ideas on to paper. We even have a handy resource that you can download to do this. If not grab a piece of paper and think about the following:

-What demographic or client are you aiming at? Build up a picture of their attributes or habbits

-Where are you going to find your users?

-What sort of content do they want to see?

-What pain points are your clients experiencing?

-What problem is your content going to solve for your users or clients?

If you look at the above list, it’s not that different to the questions you’d have probably asked yourself when you set out on launching a business. It’s no coincidence, your content strategy is there to help you find potential customers, and in the end increase revenue.

At Rock Content, we love data, we have lots of tools to find the right data but there are also plenty of ways that you can go out and get your own data to help you build a better picture of your audience.

One of the best ways of doing that is to speak to people. Either pick up the phone and ring your existing clients, get yourself over to Facebook and find groups that you can engage with, or even talk to people in a local café and ask them.

Let’s use the example of a new business networking group, there are so many Facebook groups focused on building your network and business, you could easily ask people what sort of help they are looking for, what problems they currently encounter, and what would make them engage with a new offering and even better pay for it. At this point you’ve moved from having a vague, gut feeling of what your audience is going to look like, to having real insight into what your potential customers want.

Armed with that information you can start to look at ideas for content, whether that be tools for online networking, the best networking groups in the area, or social posts around great tools for business.

By spending the time getting to know your audience, not only will you be able to build a picture and idea of what your content strategy is going to look like, but you’ll also gain a greater understanding or your audience, it’s a win win!!

You can download our helpful audience template here  Rock Content Audience Template

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