Heard the term ‘Evergreen Content’ before? Think it’s a type of tree? Think again!

Evergreen content is a fantastic way to make you’re content work for you, it’s a piece of SEO friendly content that is relevant the day you post it, the day after, and five years down the line. It’s a resource that pulls in users or potential clients time after time.

At this point you might be thinking that all content is relevant, I’m afraid that isn’t the case. Evergreen content is special because of the lack of use by date.

Types of evergreen content include:

  • How to and advice articles
  • Listicles
  • How to videos

Now when I say that these types of content are more likely to be evergreen, they won’t automatically hit that mark. When planning and writing your content you continually need to think about the relevance of an article, is it useful now? Will it be useful next year? Writing a top tips piece on planning for Christmas 2018 will not produce am evergreen dream, a post of top tips for Christmas could well be, the difference, you’ve removed the time stamp.

Ideas for writing Evergreen Content

Think about what your clients ask you

Are there any FAQs that you see from your clients? If you see patterns occurring and areas that clients struggle with understanding, that’s a great basis for a post, after all if you’re clients are struggling to get their heads around an idea, chances are they aren’t the only ones!

Pick the top three FAQs that you see and put them into a post, the great thing about this sort of post is that it also lends itself to being great content not only on your website but also on social channels.

Secret tips from the expert

We all have hacks that we use as experts in our field, share your knowledge with your community. One thing to remember about users, if people are looking for advice they are likely to be new to a subject, this might seem like a huge sweeping statement, but the content that I have seen consistently do well is content that is assumes the user has no prior knowledge of a subject.

Think niche

Just like looking for your audience on social channels, when writing content, don’t try to appeal to everyone and write about things you really are an expert on. I receive all sorts of content that clearly wasn’t written by an expert and it shows, if your business is niche then carry that over to your writing as well, they are the users that you are looking to sell to.

What you shouldn’t be writing about

Anything timely!

Quite simply, if it’s going to go out of date, bin it and go back to the drawing board.

My tips for writing Evergreen Content

Make it SEO friendly – think about your keywords and headings, whilst writing for SEO shouldn’t stifle your creativity, it should be well formatted and include the words that you need. If you’re using WordPress, a great plugin that you should be using is Yoast. It allows you to score your piece on a traffic light system for SEO and is super useful for beginners through to pro’s!

Write for beginners – as I said, don’t get overly technically, assume your audience have no prior knowledge of the subject you’re writing about. Chances are experts already know what you’re writing about, so there’s little point try to appeal to them.

Reuse and repurpose – Content and content strategy should be part of your greater marketing and business plan, it should not take up all or your time, so when you’re planning what to write about, take the time to think about how you can reuse and repurpose your content. How could you spin the post into a new article, how could it be tweaked, how could you use the content on social, what are the key points that would make and amazing Facebook or Instagram piece?

Evergreen content is an awesome way to pull consistent traffic to your site, however, after all of that I want to point out that it’s not the only way to do it. It’s important to say that timely news has it’s place as well, don’t try to make every post evergreen, it’s ok to talk about the latest trends and what’s going on in the world. Content has different uses and a good mix is the way forward, but knowing what sort of content does well and why is your key to staying a step ahead!



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