The starting point for any good strategy is to know what you’re currently working with.

post engagementAs part of any project we take on, we complete a website and/or social media audit. Using detailed analytics we look at a variety of metrics that will help us put together an effective strategy for the you, the client.

We not only look at what you are doing, but we look at your competitors, how you are performing against each other, and where you are out performing each other. We combine analytics from your website and social channels to provide a comprehensive report detailing what you’re doing well, where there could be improvements, and highlighting issues that need urgent attention.

This can be used as a stand alone report for you to take away and work with, or we can go on to help you build a strategy from this point, either way it’s a super useful tool to get your content working for you.

However, if you’re brand new to business and haven’t built your website or social channels, fear not, We can help you put together a plan based on your business goals without the audit.

Our audit prices for both web and social are highly competitive, starting from just £350, to find out what that includes, visit out pricing page.